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How to Apply


Methods of Applying 

Applications for enrollment can be placed in one the following ways: 

  1. Online: Click here to fill out an application online.

  2. Phone: Call us, and we can either fax you an application or send one to your home.

  3. Stop in: Come and see us and we will give you an application.


In order to apply to our school:

  • Kindergarten students must be five years old by September 30th
  • Students must be residents of the state of Ohio

Open Enrollment

​Open enrollment is designed to give all interested parents equal opportunity for their child to attend Alliance Academy of Cincinnati. During open enrollment, all applications get equal consideration regardless of date submitted. An application received at the end of open enrollment receives equal treatment to one received on the first day of open eEnrollment. Open enrollment for the next school year always begins on the first day of school and ends on the last business day in February at 5:00 p.m.  

Following the close of open enrollment, if the number of applications exceeds the number of open seats, a random selection lottery determines acceptance. If the number of applications does not exceed the number of open seats, all applicants are accepted for their respective grade.


Lotteries are open to the public, and parents are encouraged to attend. The date, time, and place of the lottery is communicated in writing to all applicants. Lotteries will be held for any grade in which the number of applications exceeds the number of openings. Names are randomly selected, and applicants are accepted based on the order in which they are selected. The lottery continues until all names are drawn. Applicants who are not accepted will be placed on a waiting list in the order their names are selected.


Accepted Students

If accepted, you will receive an Acceptance Package. Parents must submit to the school all of the following items by the date specified in the letter. If these are not received by that date, your child may be removed from the school’s Accepted List.

  • Official Release of Records Form
  • Admissions Form
  • Proof of Residency
  • Home Language Questionnaire
  • Student Residency Questionnaire
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Most Recent Immunization Records

Proof of Residency

Acceptable proof of residency documents must be dated and include the parent/guardian’s name and the address of residence contained in the school application. The following documents may be used:

  • Utility Bill  electric, gas and water (no phones or cell phones), or
  • Lease/Rental Agreement  document must contact the length of the lease, or
  • Pay Stub  personal payroll information may be blocked out as long as the name, date and address still appear, or
  • Property Tax Statements, or
  • Bank Statement  financial information may be blocked out as long as the name, date and address still appear


Sibling Preference

In order to accommodate parents who have more than one child eligible for enrollment, siblings of currently enrolled students are given preference over students who don’t have accepted or enrolled siblings. Siblings will be offered the first available seat in their respective grade or placed on a waiting list with sibling preference.

Sibling preference is defined as children who have at least one common parent/legal guardian AND are living in the same household at least 50% of the time.

Waiting Lists

Students on waiting lists continue to receive school information. It is not unusual for a small percentage of accepted students to select other options prior to the start of school. Openings created by opt-outs are filled by those on waiting lists.

Do not become discouraged if your child is put on a waiting list. Openings can and do become available.




Our student application process is designed to provide equal opportunity for your child to attend our school.


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