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Alliance Academy Guild Club Spreads Positive Messages

Earlier this year, Alliance Academy launched a program that encourages and rewards middle school students for showing positive behavior embodying any of the school’s moral focus virtues. 

The purpose of the middle school guild program is to establish a positive community among sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students. The program gives students leadership opportunities, creates healthy competition, and rewards them for doing the right thing. 

Alliance students have been split into four guilds, each representing one of the NHA moral focus virtues—perseverance, courage, integrity, and encouragement. Some examples of recent guild projects include:   
Helping to plan and run the first-quarter Moral Focus assembly. The assembly celebrated students with perfect attendance and those who made the dean’s list.

Writing encouraging notes to third-grade students the day before their first fall standardized test.
Leading middle school through daily activities during No Name Calling Week. Students helped their peers focus on eradicating negative name calling through positive actions.

The program also features “heads of guilds” which are student leaders who are elected by their peers. This group of guild students help run events such as Grandparents Day and assist with special visitor tours.
Students can earn points through their attendance rates, grades, positive behaviors, and by wearing their tie on "tie count days.” At the end of the year, the guild with the most points receives the Guild Cup. 

Teachers can award points to any student who exemplifies positive behavior or any of the NHA moral focus virtues. This program has created a fun way for students to excel throughout each school day, leading to more positive behavior and an opportunity for students to show leadership roles within their school.​