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Alliance Academy Dean Sarah Simpson

Sarah Simpson’s day usually starts when she arrives at Alliance Academy at 6:30 a.m. After a few minutes of preparation, each day kicks off with a whirl. Simpson’s days are full of meetings, classroom observations, recess duty, and a few student high-fives and hugs along the way. Needless to say, Simpson’s days are rarely slow or uneventful.

For the past 20 years Simpson has held a variety of roles in the field of education. After serving as a classroom teacher and principal, Simpson recently returned to the role she loves - dean. Simpson loves overseeing grades 3-5 and art at Alliance Academy, where she gets to interact with students and teachers in a variety of settings each day.
For example, Simpson begins each school day by welcoming students into the building and making sure breakfast runs smoothly. Simpson then transitions to overseeing classroom check-ins and observations.
“I visit the classroom within my wing, make sure they have what they need, and observe teachers and help provide feedback,” said Simpson. “My favorite part of the day starts with checking in with my teachers and making sure they are fresh and ready to go!”
Throughout the rest of the day Simpson hosts parent meetings, attends student small group circles, helps prepare resources for her teachers, attends lunch and recess, and oversees the safety patrol students at the end of the day.
“No day is ever the same, but each day is filled with positives,” Simpson said. “From watching teachers be excited to teach, [receiving] hugs from students, having a student come to my office and tell me what they learned, and awarding our standout scholars on Fridays, there is also something great happening.”
Simpson loves her role as a dean and sees the positive impact the model as on her students and teachers.  
“The dean model helps leaders to focus on relationships and meeting the needs of students and staff on a smaller scale,” Simpson said. “Everyone takes ownership of their small part of a bigger equation. It allows deans to really focus and specialize with the students and staff you are supporting.”​