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Warrendale Charter Academy Exposes Students to 30 Professional Careers

Thinking about what you want to be when you grow up can be intimidating, especially with endless career options. Warrendale Charter Academy students were able to experience a diverse pool of career paths at Career Day.

Briana Dodd, sixth-grade teacher at Warrendale, hosted Career Day because she felt as though her middle school students needed exposure to a multitude of careers. “I wanted to inspire my students to think larger and really get a chance to see what was out there,” said Dodd.

Students were tasked to complete a worksheet as they walked around, and ask professionals about things like salary, degree requirements, job duties, etc. Students will use this experience and their completed worksheets to complete a Million-Dollar Project where they will detail what they would do if they won a million dollars, which combines math and English-language arts.

Career Day brought together over 250 fifth- through eighth-grade Warrendale students. 

“Students were excited and engaged to be able to step outside of the classroom, and still have an opportunity to be a part of an informative event,” said Dodd.

Professionals for various fields were in attendance including a firefighter, automobile engineer, lawyer, physician assistant, entrepreneurs (cosmetic company and cosmetologist), navy man, forensic scientist, board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters, librarian, logistics coordinator from UPS, a DJ, nurse, human resource representatives from Ally Bank, and a representative from Wayne State University’s Office of Multicultural Student Engagement.

“We hope to build lasting partnerships with many of the professionals that attended Career Day,” said Dodd.