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Walton Flag-Raising Ceremony

Walton Charter Academy recently held a memorable flag ceremony to raise a new American flag in front of the school. Sergeant Kelvin Underwood, from the United States Navy, joined the school during the morning announcements to assist in the ceremony.

Bryce Toby, fifth-grader at Walton, represents Boy Scout Troop 59, and recently learned the official U.S. flag codes. He noticed that the flag outside the school was becoming worn, so he and his troop decided to donate a new flag.

To celebrate this milestone, Walton leadership arranged a special flag-raising. With a helping hand from Sergeant Underwood’s son, Sincere, third-grader at Walton, Toby raised the flag in exemplary fashion.

“We were all very excited to have experienced Sergeant Underwood and Bryce Toby raise our new flag,” said Jennifer Kreger, office administrator at Walton.

A one-of-a-kind rendition of the national anthem was played throughout the ceremony, featuring singing by former Walton students.

Watch the full ceremony below.