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Apply Now for High School

Walton Charter Academy provides a seamless K-12 educational experience with Oakside Prep Academy, a high school located in Waterford, Michigan, that falls under the National Heritage Academies portfolio.
At Oakside Prep, students will have the opportunity to be challenged beyond average classroom learning. We offer AP and dual enrollment courses, a Moral Focus program that supports character growth, and the Early College Program where your student can earn an associate degree for free. We emphasize extracurricular pursuits and ways to give back to the community. The result is college-ready students who not only stand out in the classroom but also as a person.
Do you have an eighth grader ready to start high school in the Fall of 2022? Don’t miss the deadline and apply today! The early admissions deadline for the 2022-23 school year is November 30, 2021.

Once your high schooler is accepted, you will be notified and receive an acceptance packet. We ask that you then submit the required forms right away to enroll your student. You can do so conveniently with our online Parent Portal. Check out our What to Expect page and the Terms & Conditions (located in the student application) for additional info about the enrollment process.

Want to know more about Westfield Prep? Check out our Top Ten Reasons to attend Oakside Prep, or schedule a school tour on a date that works best for you. You can also call the school office at 248-706-2000. We look forward to meeting you and your soon-to-be high school student!

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