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Second-Grade Student Serves as Principal

Mark DeJong was replaced as principal of Vanguard Charter Academy on June 1 by a second-grade student.

In his place, Olivia Wilbur took the reins.

​She directed traffic during arrival and dismissal, supervised lunch, followed DeJong to all his meetings, and made a few changes in the school schedule.

"She made the decision to have our students eat lunch outside for the day and the students love it," said DeJong.

Wilbur earned the opportunity to be principal for the day as a prize for winning the Silent Auction at the Vanguard Spring Carnival.

This is the first time the school has offered this type of prize.

"She has been looking forward to it for a long time," said Angela Wilbur, Olivia's mom, who works at the NHA Service Center. "Mark (DeJong) worked with her to come up with a plan for the day."

Her plan included a "business lunch" and working with students. 

"Principal Wilbur learned that you can have a schedule, but you never know for sure what will happen during the day and the most important thing is the person right in front of you," said DeJong. "She did a great job working with a first-grade student that needed a break from the classroom.

"It was a great day."