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100th Day of School at Taylor

Taylor Exemplar Academy kindergarten students had been counting the days until the monumental 100th day of school. On the special day, students dressed up in their best 100th day outfits, marched through the hallways in a 100th day parade, and created trail mix made-up of hundreds of items. 

"The 100th Day of school is a very special time for a kindergartner. On the very first day of school, we tell the students that we will have a celebration on the 100th day, and from there, we begin counting the days," said Julie Wykle, kindergarten teacher. "For many, this is their first formal year of school, and first time going all day long, so this day marks an important milestone in their life.  It also coincides with the time in the year when our students have begun mastering the various ways to count to 100; by ones, fives, tens, and even twos. The day also offers them a time to show off their new skills, which they do with such pride" 

Students loved celebrating 100 days of learning!