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Southside Students Participate in Literacy Fair

Southside Academy recently partnered with the Onondaga County Library and other community members for their second-annual “Southside Reads” Literacy Fair.

Local firefighters were present and spent time reading to students. Betiea Bowens, a mother to one of Southside’s students, was also available throughout the evening where she shared stories about being an author and graphic designer.

Southside Reads helped parents connect with teachers about literacy strategies for their children and allowed students to interact with their teachers in a personalized way.

“I firmly believe that when students are given the opportunity to see their teachers, both past and present, in a setting outside of the classroom, they feel welcomed and cared for,” said Rachel Bickford, fifth-grade teacher at Southside.

Students were also able to sign up for library cards with the Onondaga County Library.