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Southside Spotlight with Ms. Mulvaney

Name: Shannon Mulvaney

Position (grade): 5th Grade 

Years at Southside: This is my third year and it keeps getting better. 

Years in Education: Wow! I've done everything from a paraprofessional, substitute teacher, and teacher. A total of 11 years in education. 

Favorite part of Southside: I have a couple favorite parts of Southside. First thing is the students. I'm so blessed to work with so many students who have the love of learning. They amaze me everyday. Secondly, I love the staff I work with. I've made some really great friends here and we are so supportive with one another that it helps us to shine. 

Favorite lesson to teach:  I'm definitely a math lover. I was never good at math when I was in school--Now it's my favorite thing to teach. 

Best part of being a teacher: The best thing about being a teacher is honestly touching lives and making a difference. I know it sounds cliché but we are making such a difference each day--I don't ever want that to get overlooked. 

What do you want your students to know: I want my students to know how much I love and care about them. I'm not only here for them this year but for the rest of their lives. I appreciate every student I've had the honor to teach and I how they know that I will always support them. 

Any other fun facts:  My son is currently in 5th grade this year, so its been interesting to compare the two. We have had fun doing 5th grade together but in two different places.