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Students Use Real-world Math to Raise Funds

Students in an elective class at South Canton Charter Academy called Math, Money, and Measurement set up a school store to raise funds to purchase fabric to sew security curtains for each classroom during lockdown drills.

The class incorporates measurement (math) in various aspects of real-world applications like cooking, sewing, and money management.

In November, the students set up a school store to sell products after researching items based on price, quantity, ratings, and potential profit. They are being trained on the use of a cash register, money handling, and customer service. 

But, the store is only a small portion of the classwork, said Megan Mitchell, academic math specialist, who teaches the class.

After the students raise enough money they will need to start the sewing portion of the measurement class where they will calculate the size of each classroom window and determine how many classrooms will get the curtains. Then, the students will determine the amount of fabric needed, how to convert the number into yardage, and calculate the total cost with tax and a coupon discount.

Finally, the students will learn to sew the curtains and hang them in classes to be used during lockdown drills, said Mitchell.

Prior to the store set-up, students were working on cross stitch projects and measuring ingredients with conversions. They have also learned to calculate calories and pricing for recipes and break it down per serving and then make the recipe.