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South Arbor Students Meet Michigan Children’s Author

To mark the end of National Reading Month, students at South Arbor Charter Academy met with Michigan children’s author, Kelsey Fox, who shared her passion for writing books.

Fox is an up-and-coming author who is most widely known for her story “Just Try It Wyatt,” about a red fox who teaches kids about the importance of trying new things. She also wrote “Please Be Quiet Wyatt,” where Wyatt learns when and where he needs to be quiet, and that it’s important to let others have a chance to speak.

The school had three different assemblies for various grades. The first- through fifth-graders enjoyed hearing about the creative and writing processes that Fox goes through while creating her stories. Students were then asked to discuss the themes from the books and to identify how they use them in their lives.

“This kind of event provides exposure and the opportunity for students to meet an author who is accessible and real to students,” said Cheryl Greenough, academic specialist at South Arbor.

Leading up to the assemblies, young 5s and kindergarten teachers were asked to read the books to their classes, while older students were able to do so on their own.

“These visits can promote reading, by giving students background about the author’s evolution of ideas, and their struggles and joys of reading and writing,” said Greenough. “It motivates students to write, especially when they may hear tips and tricks authors use during their writing process.”

Fox has a third book coming out this spring, called “Cody the Coyote,” about Wyatt’s cousin Cody who learns how to stand up for himself against bullies.

“Hopefully it will ignite a spark to write and to follow a dream they didn't realize existed,” shared Greenough.