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South Arbor Charter Academy Celebrates 20 Years Serving Local Community

South Arbor Charter Academy recently celebrated a major milestone, marking two decades serving the Ypsilanti community. The school hosted a special 20th anniversary with an event, themed “looking back for the future.”

South Arbor currently serves nearly 800 students in grades Young 5s- through eighth-grade. Since opening its doors in 1999, over 1,200 students have graduated from the school, creating a lasting, positive impact on the area.

“South Arbor has changed our surrounding community through the years by providing a high-quality education for the students who we serve,” said Kim Bondy, principal of South Arbor Charter Academy. “Our students come from a variety of local school districts, and our families experience a positive environment of learning that sets students up for success in high school and beyond.”

Over the past 20 years, South Arbor has built a strong foundation of academic success, making major strides in recent years. Most recently, South Arbor outperformed its closest schools and the state in 100% of grades and subjects and has outperformed its local district in 83% of grades and subjects.

These achievements do not go unrecognized, the school was a recipient of the 2018 National Heritage Academies’ Eagle Awards School of Excellence Award, which honors NHA schools with superior academic achievement.

The school held a student assembly at the end of the school day on Nov. 8 to celebrate the occasion, followed by an open house in the evening for alumni, current and former staff members, and board members.

“The kindergarten- through eighth-grade experience in our building creates a family feeling and adds continuity through the years,” said Bondy.