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River City Students Make Dinner for Other Students

The National Honor Society (NHS) students at River City Scholars Academy spent an afternoon making sack meals at Kids Food Basket in Grand Rapids as part of their community service project. 

The group, comprised of fourth- through eighth-grade students, volunteered for an hour packing broccoli into bags. 

"One big take away was how expensive healthy food can be and why sack suppers include the food that they do," said Hannah Anderson, a fifth-grade teacher at River City Scholars that oversees NHS. "A lot of times, the kids shared that they would choose chips or pop because it's accessible and only a dollar or two, while healthy foods are not accessible and can be expensive."

Earlier in the year, the students decorated bags for the organization that provides sack suppers to students who otherwise wouldn't get dinner at home.

"Overall, it was a great learning experience and I think the kids respect the sack suppers a bit more now knowing where they come from and the work that goes into the organization," said Anderson.