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Meet Prevail Principal Mark Weigle

Education has always been a big part of Mark Weigle’s life. His mother was a teacher and high school principal for 13 years, so he grew up interacting with teachers and spent much of his childhood “at school.”
“I thought it was awesome. Throughout my school experience and when I started working at sports camps after high school, I got to witness great mentors teaching at a high level. I received great feedback on my interaction with kids and realized the combination of school and athletics was something I could be good at. I had some great coaches and mentors who encouraged me, and I became really invested in education. I was lucky enough to meet the right people to move in the right direction.”
Education at NHA is a family affair in the Weigle household. Mark’s wife is a lower elementary dean at another NHA school and he says there’s “a lot of NHA talk at dinner.” But among the things they discuss is their gratitude for the support they receive.
“I’ve never felt like I’m in a rowboat all by myself. Anytime I need help I can pick up the phone and get help immediately. If there’s something great that happens, we all celebrate it together. If there’s something that needs remediation, we do it together. The leadership at NHA and the folks I work with all agree that we’re here to do what’s best for the kids, regardless of the dollars or manpower it takes. When kids walk in and tell you they read 38 words and that’s better than last time, it lets me know we’re doing the right things. It’s what brings me back every day.”
In his free time, Mark likes to go boating and play golf. He’s also a huge basketball fan and goes to Las Vegas every year for March Madness with his friends. He and his wife also have a 12-year-old Dalmatian named Riley.
“The pledge I always give my new parents is this: We’ll take good care of your kids. And we’ll always return them to you better than when you brought them to us. We have amazing staff doing amazing things. I’m lucky to be in this seat right now.”