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Pembroke Academy Hosts Fundraiser for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Pembroke Academy recently held a Pennies for Patients fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) in order to support cancer research and provide for the families of those in need. Pennies for Patients connects schools with local blood cancer patients, provides tangible life skills to participants, and allows students to see the impact they are making in the lives of others. In total, Pembroke students and staff raised nearly $400.

The idea to host a Pennies for Patients drive was born out of putting their understanding of one of the Moral Focus virtues, compassion, into action. Ratonia Bain, achievement and behavioral specialist, and Yolanda Carpenter, social worker, led the initiative for Pembroke.

Glenn shared that students and staff were excited to raise funds for such a worthy cause. Students and staff even began to give both prior to the kick-off and after the conclusion of the fundraiser.

“The donations truly make an impact in the fight against blood cancer,” said Kristi Donke, student series manager at LLS. “With everything our world is facing, cancer is still a top headline and I thank you for supporting our patients and families who truly need our support now, more than ever.”

For Glenn, it’s an amazing feeling as a school leader to see young people understand the virtues that they teach and to put them into action both through words and deeds.   

“Both students and families were positively impacted,” shared Glenn. “Students learned more about the disease and developed a greater appreciation for their own health as well as a sincerity in their heart to give. While some of our parents applauded our efforts to bring awareness to this disease which often impacts school-age children – one of which unbeknownst to us was in our school. Subsequently, this parent was thrilled and humbled that a school would think to initiate this type of fundraising campaign.”

Supporting LLS aligns with what’s important to Pembroke because Glenn wants their scholars to live out their virtues and not just recite them from memory. “We encourage scholars to practice our virtues and embed them in their daily lives all throughout the year, not just in the month that it’s highlighted,” shared Glenn. ​​​​​​​

Way to go, Pembroke!