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Pembroke Principal Stephanie Glenn Selected as CMU Panelist

In August, Central Michigan University (CMU) held its annual conference for the schools it authorizes. Stephanie Glenn, Pembroke Academy principal, was selected to be a panelist for a session titled, “Creating a School Culture to Support Student Learning.” It was a special honor as only three out of 58+ school leaders were chosen.
Principal Glenn contributed rich dialogue on the topic and made her school very proud. She had the support of fellow Pembroke educators and colleagues attending this event as well. When Principal Glenn spoke, she received a large round of applause for what she was able to add to the conversation. 

This year’s conference had more sessions than ever before, with helpful resources for all school educators, and both internal and external stakeholders. Educators, board members, school leaders, and teachers alike were invited to participate in this CMU partner schools conference. 
Principal Glenn was thankful to have this opportunity, and Central Michigan University was certainly glad to have someone with her level of commitment and dedication participating as a panelist.