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NHA’s Four Pillars Keep One Peak Educator Teaching

Everyone has a reason for working where they work, and it’s no different for teachers. Meet Connie Eastmann, second-grade teacher at Peak Charter Academy, who chose National Heritage Academies (NHA) for the four pillars: Parental Partnership, Student Responsibility, Moral Focus, and Academic Excellence.

“I love the pillars of NHA and what they stand for,” said Mrs. Eastmann. “That’s why I’m here. It’s one of the reasons I chose to work for NHA.”

Her passion for the pillars hasn’t gone unnoticed, and she makes it a point to keep them top of mind during this time, even when students aren’t in the classroom.

“She’s truly committed to modeling and promoting our four pillars and serves as a great role model to our teachers and the scholars she serves,” said Steve Pond, principal at Peak.

Mrs. Eastmann has been with Peak Charter Academy for four years, since they opened their doors, though she first taught kindergarten for two years before finding her home in second grade.

Teaching and learning look different from her previous years at Peak, and she believes that during this time, parental partnership has been extremely important. This includes having open communication and understanding that everyone’s situation is different. Parents have been able to email her questions as they help their children navigate remote learning, which has been key to helping her scholars succeed. It’s also one way that allows her to build a sense of community, even with the distance.

“My favorite part of school right now is the mornings when I get to check in with my students,” said Mrs. Eastmann. “We start off every morning sharing good news. This is a time that we all get to share something with the class. I love seeing my students still make connections during this time of online learning when they all can’t be together.”

Learning independently while at home has been a focus as well, and her students have had the opportunity to take ownership of their assignments each day. “I have found that this is where our Moral Focus curriculum and virtues have played a huge role,” said Mrs. Eastmann.

But her impact on her students doesn’t stop there.

“She’s dynamic, engaging, and is truly focused on relationship building, especially during our COVID closure,” said Principal Pond. “She is a master teacher who understands content, pedagogy, and the unique way we engage our scholars at Peak, which she does with great success.”

Keep up the excellent work, Mrs. Eastmann.