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Paramount Teacher Publishes Two Books Based on Life Experiences

This Michigan teacher has taken her life experiences and put pen to paper in an effort to help young women that are suffering and don't know how to deal with certain situations or life circumstances.
Tiffany Lockett, fourth-grade teacher at Paramount Charter Academy, has published two books since 2017. The first publication, titled “Provoked to Purpose”, is available in 13 countries and on Amazon, and the second, titled At the Point of Almost”, which was released in 2021. 
"Provoked to Purpose" is designed to enlighten, encourage, and inspire each reader to never give up on their purpose in life, so they can reach their destiny; even though many obstacles we face are inevitable.


“Both publications are a depiction of some of the struggles I encountered in life; however, I did not allow the roadblocks to hinder me from reaching my destiny,” said Lockett. “As an author, I realize that life pitches many curve balls, but as long as we can handle the curves, we win! Currently, I am evolving with the gift of writing that was placed inside of me before I was preordained to exist in this world. I am by no means intimidated, nor do I feel inadequate as I communicate to others my various pitfalls. I only intend to help pull someone through their own tunnel.”
In addition, Lockett is working on reenrolling in college to pursue a master's program in Christian counseling. She enjoys helping people with her real-life experiences. She enjoys helping people with her nonfiction experiences. “My five children and I are doing well. In fact, there will be a new Godly priest added to our family,” said Lockett. “We will not take down or give up because we have always declared that were winners!”
Lockett’s vulnerability as an author is evident in her classroom. “I always tell my students that honesty is the best policy,” she said.