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Paramount Offers Taste of Kindergarten Program

Paramount recently hosted several “Taste of Kindergarten” events that provided an opportunity for four local preschools to allow their students and teachers to visit a “big” school. The school sent their bus to the preschool to pick up the students and to ride the school bus back to Paramount.

Upon arrival at the school, the preschool students were partnered with a kindergarten buddy for the duration of the visit as they experienced what kindergarten would be like. Preschoolers, teachers, and accompanying parents were able to experience kindergarten at Paramount and leave with a drawstring bag full of goodies.

“This has been a really awesome addition to what Paramount has been doing to build community with local preschools,” said Christine Welc, principal at Paramount Charter Academy.

These events have begun building strong relationships with the local preschools and is continuing to open the doors to great possibilities for future partnerships. Following the Taste of Kindergarten events, several of the preschools are referring to Paramount as their preferred school for students when they graduate from preschool.