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Orion Mentoring Group Teaches Lifelong Lessons

For the past four years, Orion Academy has offered a girls’ mentoring group to fifth- through eighth-grade students. The goal of the group is to teach female students life skills, such as self-love, respect, discipline, and independence.  

To join the group, titled SuperQueens, students must write an essay explaining how they think the mentoring group will help them during their time at Orion.

Middle school language arts teacher Cathryn Wynn is the facilitator of SuperQueens and carefully plans activities that students will not only enjoy but benefit from.

“We work on vision boards, participate in cooking classes, and, recently, hosted a spa day,” said Wynn. “Every activity has a message and a goal. We want these young ladies to understand how to take care of themselves and inspire them to be their very best.”

Besides the activities, the mentoring group provides a safe, comfortable space for the students to speak with their peers.

“It really helps them make friends, builds relationships between students and staff, and gives the young ladies someone to talk to about anything they might be going through,” Wynn said.

Even in four short years, Orion’s SuperQueens has made a lasting impression on both past and present students.

“We have been lucky enough to have alumni come back and speak with our current students about how this mentoring group has helped them in high school,” Wynn said. “That is inspiring to hear and something I hope will continue for years to come.”