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Oakside Scholars Partners with Ann Arbor Hands-on Science Museum for Math and Science Night

For the fourth year, Oakside Scholars Charter Academy recently hosted a special Math and Science Night with the help of Ann Arbor Hands-on Science Museum, whose mission is to “inspire people to discover the wonder of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.” Their vision is to be the leader in imaginative and interactive learning experiences.

Nearly 30 students and their families and friends participated in Math and Science Night to enjoy learning from 20 different stations, including an Infrared Screen station, a Slime Time station, a Pizza Fraction station, and many more.

“This year Oakside partnered with Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum to do a Math and Science Engineering night,” said Kristy Reman, physical education teacher at Oakside. “Students were able to get hands-on experience about how math and engineering are present in our daily lives.”

The Slime Time station was the most popular station throughout the evening, with students eagerly lining up to get their hands dirty learning about the different states of matter. Students were tasked with investigating three states of matter by measuring and mixing ingredients for two types of slime. They were then asked to determine if the slime is a solid, a liquid, or something else.

Students were also drawn to the Infrared Camera station, which provided participants the opportunity to see what everyday objects look like through a thermal infrared camera.

The Math and Science Night program was specifically designed to encourage students to explore these engaging activities to foster a love for science early on.