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Harry Potter Fan Day at Oakside Scholars

Staff members and school leaders at Oakside Scholars Charter Academy recently participated in a Harry Potter fan day by dressing up in themed outfits. The concept was established as a fun way to enhance the school culture at the end of National Reading Month in March.

From brooms and wands to robes and round glasses, there was no shortage of creativity when it came to the Hogwarts-themed attire. Staff members went all out to make this a fun and engaging day for scholars.

“The Harry Potter Day concept was developed as fun culture builder for the staff to participate in during Reading Month since so many of us read the books prior to the movies coming out,” said Byron Morrison, dean of upper elementary at Oakside.

Teachers also incorporated the theme into lesson plans. Mr. Luna, middle school English language arts teacher at Oakside, brought the festivities into the classroom by teaching a lesson based on the popular Harry Potter series. The students were asked to compare details from the seventh film and the seventh book: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

In early March, the school also decorated their halls with spirited Harry Potter d├ęcor for a door decorating contest. Students enjoyed seeing a colorful representation of Hogwarts houses, including Gryffindor’s signature gold and burgundy and Slytherin’s silver and green.

“The real significance of the day was that as adults, we had a chance to model how to celebrate an influential author from our youth for our students,” said Morrison.

What an enchanting day of literary celebrations at Oakside Scholars!