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Team-building in Leadership Class

Students in the North Saginaw Sixth-Grade Leadership class used focus and wisdom in team-building activities with toothpaste, spaghetti and marshmallows throughout their first week of class. 

The students, who had to apply to be in the class, are learning about team building through activities and discussions focused on encouragement, the importance of listening, and goal setting. They broke up into teams to build spaghetti and marshmallow towers and had a timed race to see who could create the tallest balloon tower.

They also brainstormed ways to use toothpaste. Then, each student said a hurtful word and squeezed a little toothpaste out each time. Afterward, the students were asked to put it back in the tube. 

"The discussion after this activity was open and honest," said Johnna McDonnel, the sixth-grade teacher who teaches the class. "Words hurt. Children carry the words they hear in their hearts."

This group of students will serve as leaders and mentors throughout the year, visiting local colleges, and participating in community service projects.