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North Dayton Students Celebrate Black History Month

Staff members at North Dayton School of Discovery worked together to create a special month-long Black History Month celebration, allowing students to participate in a variety of interactive and educational activities.

The school’s Black History Month Committee organized celebratory events honoring the achievements of African Americans. Throughout the month, North Dayton’s daily morning announcements featured African American facts and played snippets of music. Students also participated in read-aloud sessions with Principal Simmons, answered trivia questions during lunch, joined in a poetry contest, and the choir even held special practices in celebration of the month, leading up to a program at the end of the month.

“It is important to deepen the knowledge of the rich history and significant contributions African American's have contributed to the American diaspora,” said Vondia Thompson, special education teacher at North Dayton School of Discovery. “Teaching about Black History Month enhances students’ and adults’ understanding of our Moral Focus themes of perseverance, courage, respect, wisdom, compassion, and self-control.”

The celebrations spread into the halls as students decorated classroom doors for the school-wide door decorating contest. Students also enjoyed participating in a Wax Museum where they were instructed to select a historic figure to research, write about, and dress up as.

Guest speakers visited classrooms throughout the month to address students, including Mr. David Webb from Funk Music, Mr. Simeion, a local hip hop dance artist, Dr. McGuire, a local dentist, and Ms. Betty Gales from the Trotwood Council. 

The festivities concluded with a Black History Program that honored students, parents, and community representatives. Leading up to the program, students created murals and other artistic pieces to display and include in a silent auction at the Black History Program.

Black History Month, which takes place every February, is a designated time to recognize the central role African Americans played throughout U.S. history.