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Mountain View Academy Hosts Summer STEM Festival

To kick off summer learning, Mountain View Academy school leaders and teachers came together to host the school’s first STEM Festival at a local community park. The STEM Festival offered science, technology, engineering, and math activities at interactive booths for the students and families to explore.

Students were encouraged to interact and learn at the STEM-based activity tables, while also enjoying the opportunity to meet and greet their teachers for the upcoming school year. 


"Mountain View is committed to becoming a good neighbor,” said Allie Lawson, admissions representative at Mountain View Academy. “As the school is being built, we are still finding ways to celebrate learning. Our STEM festival is just one way that we can provide support for our families and fun for our students."

Nearly 70 families stopped by the event throughout the day, laughing and enjoying the festivities. Students could venture between three primary activity tables, each featuring a hands-on demonstration that they could take home with them following the event. Students and families also cooled down with tasty Kona Ice treats.

The first station, “Create an Oobleck,” inspired by Dr. Seuss’ book “Bartholomew and the Oobleck,” encouraged students to mix up their own colorful Oobleck slime. The recipe calls for one cup of cornstarch and half a cup of water, mixed well until a slime consistency is formed. Students finished the slimy recipe by adding their favorite food coloring!

The next station “Toothpick and Marshmallow Shapes” challenged students to get sticky and use their analytic skills to build various shapes, including triangles, stars, hexagons, and more by piecing together toothpicks and marshmallows.

The final station, “Catapult,” tasked students with creating a working mini catapult using a stack of popsicle sticks as the base, and rubber bands to tie the equipment together. To test their mechanical skills, the students were given a pompom to fling and watch fly!

The event was hosted outdoors at a community park to provide space to socially distance and was organized by student’s last names to minimize the number of people who attended at one time. The event also provided learning packets for the kids to take home, which can be returned by the end of the summer to receive cool prizes!

Fantastic job, Mountain View, it’s going to be a wonderful first year ahead!