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Metro Celebrates Annual Art Show and STEAM Fair

Students at Metro Charter Academy recently held their annual Art Show and STEAM Fair, which invited students and their families to attend the after-school event to learn about arts and sciences.

The gymnasium was decorated with student artwork that was placed in frames, making the experience feel like an art museum. Several student artists even sold their art during the evening through a silent auction. The students expressed that they enjoyed seeing their artwork on display. 

The STEAM fair stations offered a variety of options for students to participate in hands-on learning. Attendees had fun learning STEAM concepts by using Spirographs to create mathematical art and creating scientific models with Play-Do and Legos. One popular station, the slime station, allowed students to get a bit messy while learning.

“There were screams of shock and amazement as students looked at live creatures in pond water at the microscope station,” said Mrs. Heather Smith-Elliott, art teacher at Metro Charter Academy. “Students also loved using tools to deconstruct electronic devices.” 

Throughout the event, scholars made superhero masks, created insect plate rubbings, fashioned homemade jewelry, formed origami, and made scratch-art creations. At one of the wilder stations, the pendulum painting station, students had to take a step back and watch out for flying paint. The robotics team also joined in the festivities by teaching other students how to drive and control their robot. 

“It was a fun and memorable event for everyone!” said Smith-Elliott.