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Matthews Charter Academy International Festival: Travel the World in One Night

Matthews Charter Academy held their second annual international festival, in which they celebrated the cultural diversity at MCA and got to know their school family better.

The festival included an African drumming performance by the MCA Percussion Ensemble, cultural displays, food and drink tastings, crafts, international games, art, Google Earth gallery, snow-cones, and more. Parents, scholars, and staff members even had their own passport, which got stamped upon entering the gymnasium and visiting each country.

“When our parents and parent team noticed the diversity, the focus was to plan an international festival to celebrate the love that brings us together on a daily basis,” said Marsha Thomas, sixth- through eighth-grade dean at Matthews.

Food trucks were present at the school-wide event, serving both BBQ and Asian-fusion tacos. Authentic food and beverages were prepared, and it was all available to taste and experience.  

“This is event is not only special but important as we continue to grow as a community,” said Thomas. “The celebrating of differences opens up a door and many other doors to accepting and supporting our scholars and their families. These families trust and share their children with us and at the same time, we learn them and who they are.”

There were more than 30 countries represented from all over the world and more than 16 different languages spoken across the homes of MCA scholars. This is the second year Matthews held this festival and changed up the tables by having teachers and their scholars study and present to the school community. In addition, parents represented their native countries, including Senegal, Mexico, El Salvador, Russia, France, Romania, and India, to name a few.

“The joy and the love that was exuded in one day represents the climate and culture of celebrating diversity at MCA,” said Thomas.