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This is Julie Dixon: Principal of Linden Charter Academy

Many educators recall an early passion and even a calling to become a teacher. Julie Dixon’s journey to education was inspired by something else.
“I come from an education family, but I initially had zero interest in becoming an educator. I was pre-law at Villanova University when I attended my great aunt’s retirement party. She had served as superintendent over two districts. The way her former employees and students spoke about her amazed me. All these people from multiple states and schools! I started thinking about how much I would love for people to speak about me some day the same way. But, I continued to study pre-law and eventually did my internship. I was bored to tears. During my senior year I called my grandma who was also an educator. I said, ‘I hate to say this, but I think I’m going to try my hand at education.’ [laughs] A decade later, I love everything about teaching. I love supporting kids, families, and teachers. I love the classroom, but the hands-on approach of administration has really filled my bucket.”
Julie’s style of leadership comes from her heart. “I always look for opportunities to help people see their strengths, maximize and apply them. I appreciate working with people who want the best for their children, want them to succeed, and see the unique gifts they have to offer. As an administrator it’s fun and fulfilling to partner with teachers to help kids see the strengths their families already see in them.”
“At the end of the day, our foundational statement is that every kid deserves and is capable of achieving an exceptional education. Any kid, every kid can succeed at high levels. It’s our responsibility to remove any barrier that comes between them and the future they want. From the layout of our classrooms and the structures of our routines, our students feel secure, loved, seen, and safe.”