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Linden Charter Students End Year with Celebration

Whether it be taking turns in the bounce house, playing a staff against student basketball game, lip-sync battles or kickball, Linden Charter Academy students have kept busy with a school year-end celebration.

In total, there were 18 different stations that students could rotate through, taking 10 minutes at activity. For staff, their main focus is getting the kids active during this two-day field day event on Tuesday, June 21 at the school.

Instead of sitting at home and playing video games or watching movies, field day provides an opportunity to burn off some extra energy.

Maurecio Anderson, 13, of Flint, was all smiles playing against the staff in a basketball game.

"I got to play in the game," Maurecio said. "I scored some points. It was so fun."

In the past, field day was based off of academic incentives. Lacie Primel, one of the school's deans, and other staff members decided to make this year's event for everyone — about 750 students.

"Field day was about bringing back that physical activity," Primel said. "Enjoying being outdoors, being together, doing team building, cheering each other on and just letting them enjoy being kids."

As for future field days, Primel would like to bring in more competition-based events like pairing homeroom classes against other homeroom classes, and potentially adding a trophy or ribbons for the winning teams.

"You should be a part of Linden Charter and come to field day," Maurecio said.