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Legacy Charter Academy Hosts Math Night

Did you know incorporating academics into a school event can really be as easy as pi?

Parents, students, and teachers gathered at Legacy Charter Academy for a Math Night, in which the purpose was to showcase student abilities with math games. It was also an opportunity for students to display skills they have been learning through the games.

“These events are important because they give students and parents a well-rounded approach to math,” said William Murphy, sixth-grade teacher at Legacy Charter Academy. “Parents and students are able to come together to sharpen skills that are needed for student success.”

The event was open to all students and parents, and Legacy even gave out over 100 educational, math-focused free games to attendees! Students practiced skills that were specific to their grade and skill level.

The event was hosted by the Math Committee, who is responsible for supporting math and science academics at Legacy. They host creative Math Nights, oversee Accelerated Math Implementation in the school, send a math newsletter, and provide math resources for grade levels and parents.

“The students were very happy and excited to have the opportunity to interact with their parents and teachers in a relaxed environment,” said Murphy. 

Great work, Legacy!