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Landmark Families Enjoy Family Book Walk

Families at Landmark Academy recently met to participate in an interactive night of learning at their first Family Book Walk event. Students ventured through the story of "The Little Red Hen" and collected artifacts from the book.

“The Little Red Hen” is an old folk tale that teaches children the virtues of work ethic and personal initiative. After the students explored all the sections of the story, the artifacts they collected were used to make a craft.

Scholars were tasked with retelling the story in their own words and gluing artifacts onto poster board. They could also choose to color sheets from the story. Artifacts included little hens, corn seeds, mini spades, wheat, stones that were used to grind wheat into flour, and a box of cornbread mix to take home.

“We were grateful for our families who stopped in to see us,” said Shondel Johnson, admissions representative at Landmark. “The event was a complete success, and when we do this again we hope to see more of our families attend!”

Throughout the evening, scholars also created several Valentine’s Day crafts and played board games. Students and their families enjoyed tasty treats, including doughnuts, fruit, and beverages that were served by Landmark’s staff.