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Celebration of Cultures at Knapp

Knapp Charter Academy recently held a Culture Celebration/Folk Dance Night. The Culture Committee at Knapp organized the celebration and brought in parents, students, guardians, and staff.

The night was spent celebrating different cultures and backgrounds by dancing, eating, and presenting information.

“We had an opportunity to see various Knapp cultures in one room,” said Dave Turcotte, principal at Knapp Charter Academy. “Through conversations, dances, food, and visual displays, a lot of students came representing their culture.”

There were 15 stations scattered throughout the gymnasium that represented 16 different cultures. They brought in artifacts, food, background information, and more, for others to interact with.

“Seeing the number of countries that were represented, and so many of our students dressed up in their traditional clothing, presenting information, sharing their food, showing off their dancing skills, and just being totally in their element was fantastic,” said Tami Lake, dean of upper elementary at Knapp Charter Academy.

200 flags were displayed to celebrate different cultures and backgrounds and music teacher, Mr. Steven Wideman, taught dances indigenous to various cultures.

“There is so much excitement when others participate with your culture, table, and dance,” said Turcotte. “The individuals at the tables enjoyed talking and displaying their culture.”