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Hamtramck Academy Hosts Multi-Cultural Diversity Day

Celebrating cultures is engraved into the Hamtramck Academy school community, who recently held their 14th consecutive multi-cultural event.

Staff discovered that for more than a decade, educators have celebrated National Multi-Cultural Diversity Day on the third Monday in October, which was created by a fourth-grade teacher in Flint. The day was adopted as a national event in the 1993 Representative Assembly to "increase awareness of the tremendous need to celebrate our diversity collectively." 

Hamtramck followed suit and celebrated National Multi-Cultural Diversity Day. The event was put on by the Multicultural Committee, who is responsible for planning and executing the annual event.

“The goal of this celebration is a simple one; to bring everyone together in fellowship to celebrate our similarities and differences,” said Ms. Suzette Pariseau, English language learner teacher at Hamtramck Academy.

This year, on National Multi-Cultural Diversity Day, students were encouraged to wear clothing from their homeland. To wrap up the week of cultural celebrations, students traveled to other classrooms to learn and do activities from other countries. Staff and students were even able to indulge in a variety of foods at the "Global Taste-Fest."

Foods came from all over the world, including Bangladesh, Belize, Greece, India, Italy, France, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Turkey, United States, and Yemen.

Additionally, there was a door decorating contest and Argentina, England, Japan, Kenya, and Scotland were the winners.

Way to go, Hamtramck!