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Students Run Amazing Race at Greensboro Charter Academy

Fourth-grade students at Greensboro Charter Academy put their Spanish vocabulary to the test as they used their Spanish skills to run an Amazing Race through the halls of the school.

Students have been learning about their community and directions in Spanish.  They started their unit this fall by learning the vocabulary of places in our community, school, church, and store. Students drew a map of their community and learned how to give directions in Spanish. 

The finale of the unit was the Amazing Race, said Tara Dollyhigh, the Spanish teacher at Greensboro who organized the race. The students formed teams of five and received a set of directions in Spanish. The students had to read and follow the directions to a classroom in the school.  At each destination, there was a colored token for the team.  Each team had to bring the token back to the class and if the clue matched the token then the next group went.  Each team had 40 minutes to get as many tokens as possible.