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Meet Principal McPherson

Tom McPherson will be stepping into the principal role at Endeavor Charter Academy during a unique time in history… but if anyone’s equipped for the job, it’s him.
Much of Mr. McPherson’s professional career has been about leading children out of challenging situations and into their best learning environment. “After college, I had an opportunity to become a teacher in an underserved area of Brooklyn, NY where there was a critical need for great elementary schools.” He also moved to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, just as the city began rebuilding and opening a variety of charter schools. “When I saw the impact I could have on a student and their family, I couldn’t help falling in love with teaching. You get to help shape the trajectory of their life! That’s why I chose teaching as a career and dedicated my life to it. In New Orleans, the entire system had been wiped out. It was an honor to serve on the front lines, provide essential services, safety, and a world class education to these families recently moving back. It was challenging but also very fulfilling.”
Mr. McPherson’s experience dovetails beautifully into the upcoming school year at Endeavor. He’s excited to build on the relationships he’s built over the last four years as middle school dean. “Building on relationships is really key to our success for student, family, and school, especially when parents may have lingering concerns about going back to normal life. We’re ready to be there for those families, providing a higher level of support. Operating as a close, tightknit group is the way we work at Endeavor.
“As an administrator, my goal is to empower teachers to do great things in the classroom each day. I want to provide the leadership and support to keep them – so a second grader can look forward to having a certain sixth-grade teacher and have them be there. I want a safe, joyful, and driven environment. Through healthy, supportive interactions, our students will know they’re valued and cared for members of our community. That’s what sets the stage for excellence in academics. Leveraging our moral focus instruction – the set of values we operate from – we can hold students accountable while boosting joy and learning in the classroom. When parents walk the halls, I hope they hear laughter, fun, and passion coming from the classroom. That’s the kind of learning environment I want for our students.”
Mr. McPherson is originally from Windsor, Ontario and his wife is from Cincinnati, but they both have ties to Michigan (and are big State fans!). They’re parents to two sons under 3 and two cats. In their free time, the McPhersons love going to hockey games and concerts. They also enjoy spending time outside, grilling, playing music on the deck, and having fun together.