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Pancakes with the Principal

Families of Detroit Premier Academy (DPA) were treated to pancakes on March 31 while school leaders shared the school’s latest accomplishments.

King Pancake, a local catering company, provided their signature, award-winning “best pancakes ever” to students and their families. While the food was enjoyed by the DPA family, Principal James Kinsey announced two major accomplishments.

Families learned that their school had earned the Eagle Award for State Accountability and that DPA students had successfully competed in a Math Bee the previous day.

This Math Bee pitted DPA students against their sister-school, Warrendale Charter Academy. Principal Kinsey announced that DPA won five grades out of the nine that were competing, giving them the edge over Warrendale.

After the pancakes, parents had a chance to speak up by completing the “voice of the parent” survey.

Hopefully this event will become a new DPA tradition!