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The Principal Series Featuring Michael Bean

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The Principal Series featuring Michael Bean of Apex Academy

Katie Baker
Posted: 9/15/2015

Dr. Michael Bean knows success does not come easy, but when you achieve it, the feeling is sweet. 

Now entering his third year as principal of Apex Academy in East Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Bean leads students and teachers with the same mindset that drove him to a career in education.

"I chose this profession because I wanted to help students be successful and serve as a role model for the students in the community," said Bean. "One my favorite parts of my job is seeing students succeed and receive the quality education I know they deserve." 

Throughout the year Dr. Bean has the opportunity to witness students understanding new concepts, teachers creating welcoming learning environments, and parents beaming as they watch their child receive an award at one of the school assemblies. But Bean’s proudest moments come when former students share their success. 

"Seeing my former students graduate from high school and college makes me incredibly proud," Bean said. "When they thank me for being a role model, I know they fully realize the value of a quality education." 

When asked about his favorite teacher Dr. Bean reflected on his high school history teacher, Mr. Dinovo. A teacher who helped shape Dr. Bean for his future career. 

"What made Mr. Dinovo so great was he found a way to make history fun and interesting," Bean said. "He also helped me take a closer look at things and not just take them for what they are in a book. Because of him I went on to major in history in college." 

When it comes to ensuring every student receives a quality education, which is his wish for every student, Dr. Bean encourages parents to get involved. 

Michael Bean Parental Involvement.gif"Parental involvement is so important to a student’s success. The reason why our students are successful is because of positive reinforcement and influences at home," Bean said. 

As Apex students study a different moral focus virtue each month, Dr. Bean has one he especially loves and finds it applicable no matter what the situation. 

"My favorite moral focus virtue is respect," Bean said. "Because you have to earn people’s respect to get respect. It helps you determine your path in life." 

Bean knows that in order to have success you have to continue to work hard and never give up. As a former college student athlete, he understands that while it is not always easy, it is always worth it. 

"Someone once told me that success is not a destination, it is a journey, which to me was the best advice I received. You have to continue to work hard to achieve greatness, which is something I want to help instill in all students." 

Prior to his time at Apex Academy, Dr. Bean served as a middle school dean at Pinnacle Academy, a National Heritage Academies sister school in Euclid. 

Dr. Bean holds a bachelor’s degree from Hampton University, a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University, and a doctorate from Capella University.


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