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The Principal Series Featuring Matt Carlton

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The Principal Series featuring Matt Carlton of Landmark Academy

Katie Baker
Posted: 8/5/2015

Always An Adventure

If there is one moral focus virtue Matt Carlton strives to live by, it’s perseverance. From his time as a young student, to teacher, and now principal, Carlton knows success comes when you push through.

"We all face tough times in life and perseverance is what allows us to stand tall and grow through the challenges we face," said Carlton. "One of my past teachers helped me see that greatness is developed over time and is only limited by your desire to success and put in the work needed."

For the past five years Carlton has served as principal of Landmark Academy in Commerce City, Colo. During his time at Landmark, he helped implement a blended learning program, which integrates technology into classroom lessons on a daily basis. This new program, along with receiving a number of Eagle Awards for excellence in a variety of areas from National Heritage Academies, Landmark’s managements company, are just a few of his accomplishments.

"When I look back at my accomplishments I am proud, but my accomplishments are my school’s accomplishments," said Carlton. "It takes everyone working together to accomplish these goals and create the best learning environment for students." When it comes to serving as principal there are many things that make it the perfect fit for Carlton.

"I love being with kids and doing work to help them prepare for the future," Carlton said. "My educational experience has taken me to great places and I want all kids to have that same opportunity."

As much as students need motivation to achieve their goals, Carlton points out that the students he helps to motivate, provide him with motivation.

"Seeing students overcome great obstacles is an amazing thing to be a part of," Carlton said. "To see students be successful and achieving their goals is extremely motivating."

As a former teacher and now principal, Carlton understands the importance of parental involvement.

Matt Carlton Successful.gif"Parents are the key to each child’s success," Carlton said. "I hope that every child has supportive parents that encourage them to reach their goals and dreams. When students have incredible support, there is no stopping them."

While the awards and accolades are nice, if there is just one thing Carlton wishes for every child, it’s simple:

"The opportunity to struggle, learn from their mistakes, grow, and achieve."

Principal Carlton earned a bachelor’s degree from Claremont McKenna College and a master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University.


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