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The Principal Series Featuring Alison Foreman

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The Principal Series featuring Alison Foreman of Emerson Academy of Dayton

Katie Baker
Posted: 10/20/2015

Before she was a principal, assistant principal, or classroom teacher, Alison Foreman was a young girl helping her mother put together her classroom for the upcoming school year. As she helped her decorate and label, Alison dreamed of one day having her own classroom.

“Education was instilled in me as a young child,” said Foreman. “Now as a school leader I have the chance to prepare an entire building for success and I am living out my dreams of working with students and teachers who inspire me daily.”

Foreman started her education career as a reading teacher, an area of interest peaked by her own high school reading teacher.

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“Back in high school my reading teacher was always engaging and warm. She would bring the novel to life, which is what made me want to become a reading teacher,” Foreman said. “I will never forget how she made learning feel.”

With experience in the classroom as well as multiple leadership roles — and being named teacher of the year and principal of the year — Foreman understands there are many aspects that make up a successful student.

“Student success is something that takes a lot of people. In order to help students feel successful — especially young students — we need encouraging teachers, supportive parents, and a welcoming environment for them to thrive,” Foreman said. “The best advice I ever received was to make it about the students. There is no other reason to be in education if the focus is not about the students.”

Parental involvement is strongly encouraged at Emerson Academy of Dayton, a partnership that Foreman is thrilled to encourage. She believes that parental involvement is vital to a student’s success and helps them succeed in the future — her goal for all students.

“I wish that every student grasp what they are good at, capitalize on it, and become successful members of society in whatever form that may be,” Foreman said.

With experience as an educator as well as a manager for the University of Dayton’s women’s basketball team, Foreman understands what it takes to keep students and staff working together as one team. Between coordinating schedules and meeting deadlines, Foreman’s experience with basketball naturally translated into education.

“Serving as a team manager allowed me to learn how to work with a multiple types of people,” Foreman said. “The experience helped me develop communication skills as well as a strong work ethic — both which translate into my current career.”

Foreman holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton, master’s degree from Ohio Dominican University, and a second master’s from the University of Cincinnati.


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