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Dream Job Contest Finalists

Dream Job Contest Finalists

Katie Baker
Posted: 2/20/2016

​Our students have big dreams and we encourage them to chase these dreams every day. This month we asked them to share their dreams in an artistic form. The range of dreams our students have are an inspiration to us all.

Below are the finalists in no particular order.

Public Vote Winners

Parker Welt – 3rd Grade - Wake Forrest Charter Academy
Parker Welt.jpg 
Brennan Glanert – 3rd Grade – Quest Charter Academy
Brennan Glanert.jpg 
Cole Wilson – 3rd Grade – Wake Forrest Charter Academy
Cole Wilson.jpeg 

Panel Winners


Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Elijah Newsome – 2nd Grade – Southside Academy Charter School
Elijah Newsome.jpg 
Audrey DeVine – 1st Grade – Landmark Charter Academy
Audrey DeVine.jpg 
Tristen Green – 2nd Grade – Reach Charter Academy
Tristan Green.jpg 

3rd Grade – 5th Grade

Janiyah Thompson – 5th Grade – Southside Charter Academy
Janiyah Thompson.jpg 
Payton Proos – 5th Grade – Chandler Woods Charter Academy
Payton Proos.jpg 
Cortney DeCarlo – 5th Grade – Triumph Charter Academy
Cortney DeCarlo.jpg 

6th Grade – 8th Grade

Anthony Harwood – 7th Grade – Eagle Crest Charter Academy
Anthony Harwood.jpg 
Rachel Tillapaugh – 8th Grade – Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy
Rachel Tillapaugh.jpg 
Darrick Welch – 8th Grade – Metro Charter Academy
Darrick Welch.jpg 



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