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Volunteers are appreciated for the contribution of their time and talents to the students, staff, and school. The purpose of this page is to provide guidance on the background check requirements for school volunteers in compliance with state law and school policy to promote school safety.

Volunteer Opportunities

A volunteer is defined as an individual who performs a service to the school and/or the school’s students without compensation. A volunteer need not be a parent of a student enrolled in the school.
Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to: field trip chaperones (day and overnight); mentoring; tutoring; assisting in a classroom, library, office, on a playground, or other designated duties. Participation in school advisory committees, parent organizations, or similar activities that involve the monetary responsibility or activities that involve students apply to this guideline.
The school reserves the right to deny or discontinue volunteer opportunities to an individual at the principal’s discretion.

Volunteer Enrollment Steps

Please allow enough time for results before anticipated volunteer assignment begins. A potential volunteer cannot assist in the school until the appropriate level(s) of checks are conducted and approved.

Step 1: The potential volunteer will indicate interest to volunteer by contacting the school office.

Step 2: The secretary submits potential volunteer’s information for a background check. The secretary will provide instructions to potential volunteers who may have unsupervised duties, including overnight chaperones, for which a fingerprint background check will be required.

Step 3: The results are reviewed and the potential volunteer is contacted regarding his or her approval status.

Step 4: If approved, volunteer brings a state-issued photo identification to submit through the LobbyGuard kiosk on the first day of the volunteer assignment.

Volunteers Levels

The school secretary will determine the level of a potential volunteer based on the duties and supervision of the assignment. Below are the definitions and the respective background check requirements.
Level I—Supervised volunteers: provide services while a school employee is present, such as in a classroom or school office. This individual does not handle money.

Level II—Limited supervision volunteers: provides services with limited supervision by another volunteer or school employee, such as day field trip chaperones, drivers, and recess duty. Members of parent-teacher organization fall under this level. It is recommended that volunteers be in eyesight of another volunteer or school employee.

Level III—Unsupervised volunteers: provide direct services to student with no supervision, such as an unpaid tutor. Overnight field trip chaperones fall under this level. Volunteers who provide regular and continuous services may be requested to complete a fingerprint background check for as a Level III volunteer.


Volunteer Background Check

For the safety of our students, school volunteers will be required to submit to a criminal background check prior to any volunteer activity. Due to the turnaround time to obtain a background check, volunteers may be asked to submit to a criminal background check well in advance of volunteering at or for the school.

*The turnaround time is an estimate based on historical data. This time may extend longer. A volunteer is not able to volunteer for a Level III assignment without an approved fingerprint background check.

Raptor — The potential volunteer brings a state-issued photo identification to the school and scans the identification through the Raptor kiosk located inside the entrance of the school. When a visitor is cleared, Raptor vSoft prints a badge featuring the visitor's name, photo, date and time, and destination.
Online Background Check — The potential volunteer applicant will be responsible for inputting the required information, including full name and social security number, into the secure Authorization and Release form online. The information will be submitted for an Online Background Check. A social security number is required for this type of background check. It is required that a potential Level II volunteer go through LobbyGuard in addition to the Online Background Check. The potential volunteer will be informed of his or her approval status.
Fingerprint Background Check — It is recommended that a volunteer is always in the presence of another approved volunteer or NHA employee. In the rare instance that a volunteer will have regular and continuous unsupervised access to children OR if a volunteer will be going on an overnight field trip, a fingerprint criminal background check is required prior to being placed in an assignment (Volunteers in Michigan, New York, and North Carolina are exempted from the fingerprint requirement). It is required that a potential Level III volunteer go through LobbyGuard and a National Online Background Check in addition to a fingerprint background check. The potential volunteer will be informed of his or her approval status.

The school will provide fingerprint instructions to potential Level III volunteers.

Click here to download a copy of National Heritage Academies' Volunteer Guidelines.
Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ). All other questions may be directed to the school office.

Volunteers are appreciated for the contribution of their time and talents to the students, staff and school.​

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