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Violence Prevention (North Carolina)

North Carolina School Violence Prevention Volunteer Policy Against Bullying or Harassing Behavior


Our Goal

Our goal is to offer a quality education program. To fulfill this goal, students need a positive, safe, and orderly school environment in which learning can take place without disruption.
Students who do not observe the rules of good conduct in the classroom or on the playground decrease both the learning and safety of others and their own opportunities to learn. Therefore, our staff takes a very proactive role in enforcing the Student Code of Conduct outlined below.
Students are expected to demonstrate respect and courtesy by obeying staff members, being kind to others, and being considerate of others’ and the school’s property.

Bullying or Harassing Behavior

The school prohibits any type of bullying or harassing behavior by students or staff members.

Bullying or Harassing Behavior Definition

Bullying or harassing behavior is defined as any pattern of gestures or written, electronic, or verbal communications, or any physical act or any threatening communication, that takes place on school property, at any school-sponsored function, or on a school bus, and that:
  • Places a student or staff member in actual and reasonable fear of harm to his or her person or damage to his or her property; or
  • Creates or is certain to create a hostile environment by substantially interfering with or impairing a student’s educational performance, opportunities, or benefits. “Hostile environment” means that the victim subjectively views the conduct as bullying or harassing behavior and the conduct is objectively severe or pervasive enough that a reasonable person would agree that it is bullying or harassing behavior.
Bullying or harassing behavior includes, but is not limited to, acts reasonably perceived as being motivated by any actual or perceived differentiating characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, socioeconomic status, academic status, gender identity, physical appearance, sexual orientation, or mental, physical, developmental, or sensory disability, or by association with a person who has or is perceived to have one or more of these characteristics.


  • A volunteer who has witnessed or has reliable information that a student or staff member has been subject to any act of bullying or harassing behavior should report the incident to a teacher, other staff member, or the principal.
  • A volunteer who reports bullying or harassing behavior may do so orally or in written form, providing as much information as possible. A volunteer also may report anonymously if they choose.
  • Any staff member who receives a report of bullying or harassing behavior will forward the report to the principal who will ensure that a prompt investigation is completed.
  • There will be no reprisal or retaliation against any person who reports an act of bullying or harassment.
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