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How can I find NHA charter schools near me?

National Heritage Academies (NHA) operates 80 schools in nine states. Founded on academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership, and student responsibility, an NHA school is like no other – one that can lead your child to a lifetime of success. To find a school near you, enter a ZIP code or your city and state.​


I see that you have several schools near me. How can I pick the right one?

It’s important to find the right NHA school for your child. We recommend calling the school you are interested in to set up a school tour. You can also attend one of the school’s open houses or enrollment information meetings to hear from the principal and leadership team and to learn more about the school’s culture.

You don’t have any schools near me. What can I do?

National Heritage Academies continues to expand within the nine states in which we are currently located. Keep an eye on this website and the NHA Facebook page​ for news releases on new school openings each fall.

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