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Math Games

How can I make math fun for my child?

Math is one of the foundations for college readiness. National Heritage Academies (NHA) teachers will provide your child with outstanding math lessons in the classroom, but you can also enhance learning at home. One of the best ways to help students develop a deeper understanding is by playing math games. There are a lot of fun math games you can play with your child at home, as well as online math games they can enjoy on their own.

What types of math games can I do at home?

It can be easy to incorporate math into family fun at home. If you have a deck of cards or a pair of dice, you are well on your way to playing a number of math games. Go Fish is a popular card game for younger students to help them understand the order of numbers. Older students may enjoy the dice game Subtraction Pig, in which they start with 100 points and subtract the amount they roll each time. For more ideas on math games at home, check out this website.

What online math games are available?

There are a number of free online websites that offer fun math games for students of all ages. Here is a list of some of the popular sites: compiled a list of the eight coolest math game programs online. You can read a description about each program and find the link here

Why Study Island is the best online math game?

Study Island is a popular online program that offers a variety of educational and fun math games. The math games are used as incentives to ensure students are mastering the material. Study Island is customized to each state’s individual testing systems, and the program is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for math. Study Island is not a free online program, but parents are allowed to purchase the program for a yearly rate. Study Island is used by many NHA schools as an online resource. You can read an article about how River City Scholars Charter Academy in Grand Rapids, Mich., uses the program here​

How can I learn more about Study Island?

Study Island was created by Archipelago Learning to be a web-based instructional system to help students master academic standards. The CEO of Archipelago, Tim McEwen, recently sat down with EdTech Digest to answer commonly asked questions about Study Island​. You can read Mr. McEwen’s responses in this article.

How can math games help my student?

Researchers at New York University and the City University of New York looked at how well middle school students learned new math objectives by playing online math games. The researchers look specifically at what type of motivation encourages students to learn math online effectively. They considered whether students learn more if they are playing against a friend, playing alone, or joining in a group. The study was published in the Journal of Educational Psychology in September 2013. An article in Science Daily provides a great summary of what the researchers found about math games. They determined that students absorb the information at a deeper level when they play against someone or in a competition format. You can read the full article here.  
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