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Finding the best kindergarten program

As our children are starting school, we want the very best education for them. National Heritage Academies’ kindergarten program establishes a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our youngest students are not only challenged academically, but they are also encouraged to grow emotionally as they discover their independence.

What will my child learn in kindergarten?

Kindergarten students will work diligently to develop their listening skills, social/emotional skills, literacy, language, mathematical reasoning, and knowledge acquisition through a thematic approach. Research shows that children must have a strong base in language: rhyming, patterning, playing with words, listening to stories, etc. From the first day till the last, kindergarten students are saturated with these concepts in a fun yet challenging way.

What is the classroom structure for kindergarten?

Kindergarten teachers provide a very structured day for students so they find comfort in knowing what is expected of them. Teachers will utilize a variety of learning tools to enhance literacy and math concepts. When your children begin their education, it’s our goal to make sure they love being at school.

What types of specials are offered?

Along with academics, kindergarten students are also exposed to the arts. NHA schools offer art, music, technology, and physical education classes throughout the week.

How do you prepare students for college when they are in kindergarten?

It is never too early to think about college. NHA schools offer a college bound curriculum that begins the moment a child enters the school—even in kindergarten. Teachers will talk about their own college experience and remind students that every skill they are learning will help them in college. School-wide assemblies will also embrace the college-bound message so all NHA students know they are striving for a college degree.

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How can I help my child read?

The U.S. Department of Education offers a variety of articles to provide guidance on how to enhance your child’s reading skills at home.

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National Heritage Academies’ kindergarten program establishes a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.​

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