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What do the best elementary schools offer?

Children who attend a National Heritage Academies (NHA) school receive a top elementary school education. All NHA schools offer a free public school education that starts in kindergarten and goes all the way through the eighth grade. Keeping students in the same building in K–8 prevents the learning loss that often occurs in the transition from elementary to middle school.

What will my child learn in elementary school?

At National Heritage Academies, the focus in early elementary is on the acquisition of literacy skills, mathematical concepts, basic scientific topics and processes, and an introduction to the history of and places in the world around them. The bar is set high in an effort to give your child a head start on their future—in high school, college, and beyond.
Our elementary students start out learning to read. Soon, they’re reading to learn. The elementary school curriculum focuses on comprehension, fluency, and expanding their vocabulary. Mathematical concepts and reasoning are further developed to prepare students for the rigors of algebra and geometry. They will conduct hands-on scientific experiments and investigations. In social studies, they’ll learn American and ancient history, state studies, economics, and geography.
Each year’s curriculum is designed to build on what students learned the previous year. That way, they’re always growing and being challenged to succeed in elementary school and beyond.

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How can I find the best elementary school for my child?

The PBS Parents website is filled with tips for parents on what they should consider when picking the best elementary school for their child. You will find tips on what to consider before you visit a school, what to look for when you are there, and what materials to bring home.

How can I tell if a school is really good?

Education writer Karin Chenoweth lists 17 areas to evaluate when considering the strength of a school, such as principal presence and how the leadership evaluates the quality of the teaching staff. You can find more important aspects of a good school in the area listed on the Scholastic website using the link below.

What is the best way to help with homework?

Our Parent’s Guide to Homework Help lists simple ways you can support your child at home. Download the homework tips here.
The U.S. Department of Education has an expanded list of homework help advice. Use this link for more information:

When your child attends a National Heritage Academies (NHA) school they receive a top elementary school education​.

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