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Online Education

At National Heritage Academies (NHA), we know the importance of modern technology and the role it can play in your child’s education. While curriculum is taught in the classroom by teachers, the use of technology is still prevalent. Students experience aspects of a free online education within in the classroom.

How can my child experience online education while at school?

All NHA teachers are constantly learning about new technology to help enhance their classroom lessons. Teachers use smartboards for their lessons and students are able to interactively answer using this technology. Many teachers incorporate online tools such as videos, games, and worksheets to help students learn.

What are some online tools used at NHA schools?

Most NHA schools use the following online tools:
  • Study Island: A test prep program designed to help students on the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).
  • Reading Street: An online tool designed to help students increase their reading skills as set forth by the Common Core State Standards.

What are some ways I can incorporate free online learning tools at home?

Allowing time for your child to use technology can be a great way for them to practice their learning skills. Some free online resources include:
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