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​National Heritage Academies is one of the nation's top charter school operators. We operate over 80 partner schools in nine states. We serve over 50,000 students with a simple mission and vision:

And we couldn’t do it without dedicated, professional teachers willing to help us forge a new path in teaching and learning. We're different. We offer employees different challenges, new opportunities, and rewards that are unheard of in conventional district schools.

We believe that we exist first and foremost to provide a comprehensive and unique learning experience to the children who place themselves in our hands each day. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be marked by the highest levels of competence, empathy, respect, compassion, and must create a sense of confidence and personal connection.

We believe that the key to the success of our organization is our ability to function as a team and that we are more successful together than individually. We are willing to sacrifice some of our individual autonomy in exchange for the success of the satisfaction that comes with knowing that we create truly extraordinary academic experiences and results.

We are focused not only on individual performance, but on the work of integrating and coordinating the best ideas and practices to promote the best outcomes.  We are committed to understanding and embracing positions or perspectives which are often different from our own for the sake of improvement.

We value a diversity of thought and idea in order to become uniquely innovative in our practices, and to successfully face the internal and external challenges of our business environment. We embrace mistakes and view them as gifts that allow us to improve.

We recognize and reward individuals and teams for their contributions to our success. We believe that the greatest reward for our teachers and support staff is the development and realization of a deep sense of purpose. This will be best accomplished through collaboration at work and a healthy balance of work and personal life.

We commit to continuous personal development to further our vision of excellence. We promote both personal and professional development and reward it by emphasizing an internal promotion.


​What makes NHA different?

Our culture is value-driven and we have high expectations and high care. Our rigorous curriculum combines both the Common Core and relevant state standards. We enrich learning  with a "moral focus" curriculum, a robust "Behave with Care" discipline system, and other initiatives that help us create and sustain a safe and secure learning environment.

We support teachers through extensive personalized development and coaching, structured curricular tools as well as sophisticated, state of the art technology which allows them to maximize learning time with students. 

We're in it for the long haul. That means we invest heavily to build and launch schools. It means we contribute our resources to sustain them. It means boards stay with us. And it means we never quit.

Nearly two-thirds of our entering students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, and students first entering an NHA school averages only at the 31st percentile. Our performance indicates that our schools are ranked in the top quarter of all U.S. public schools (based on the school’s average student gain score)

Teachers often share with us that they feel “this is the hardest job that they have ever loved the most.”

We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We strive to build a system of unique and extraordinary academic experiences which provides a lasting legacy.

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