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Kim Bondy

Princi​pal, South Arbor Charter Academy

I have been with NHA since 1996.  I started as a 4th grade teacher at Vanguard Charter Academy in Wyoming.  When I got married and moved to the east side of the state, I became a Science Specialist and trained teachers.  After starting a family, I started working full-time at South Arbor.  While at South Arbor, I have had the chance to serve as a middle school Science and Social teacher, a 4th- 7th grade Advanced Learning Program teacher, a dean, and eventually as Principal.  This is my fifth year as Principal. I started with NHA right around the time that it was getting started, and charter schools were new.  (Actually, it was called Educational Development Corporation at that time!)  I liked that teachers and parents worked together to create quality education for students.  All families should have the opportunity to choose the school that works best for their family rather than having to rely on and hope that their neighborhood school is doing a good job. Our building is full of students, parents, and staff that expect nothing but the best.  We challenge each other to continually improve and grow.  I feel fortunate to be in a building that provides a quality education and safe environment.  I like it so much that all three of my own children go here!


Colleen Furman

Principal, Prevail Academy

I have been with National Heritage Academies for 10 years now. I choose NHA because I love and embrace the pillars it was founded on: academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership, and student responsibility.  I am motivated to do my best every day because I have the privilege to serve the area of Mount Clemens and provide a better choice in education for my community.  It is an awesome privilege to change the paths of the scholars we serve.  



Dr. Christopher Petty

Principal, Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School

I have been with National Heritage Academies for 4 years. I chose NHA because a trusted friend who was an NHA principal felt that I would be a great fit for NHA and that NHA was the place that I was looking for to plant my feet and grow. That principal turned out to be right. The opportunity to influence both the lives youth and adults as I go about my daily routine is what motivates me to do my best every day. My goal is to inspire someone every day to better tomorrow than they were today.




Ashley Amann

Kindergarten Teacher at South Pointe Scholars Academy

I am working for something that is greater than just a school. It means I am working for an organization that truly focuses on growing the whole child socially, academically and emotionally. We use the monthly moral focus values to teach the necessary social skills. We build relationships with each student by greeting them at the door each and every morning. I am also able to create individualized instruction plans to ensure I am growing each child to their fullest potential. At a NHA the children are not the only ones learning. As a teacher I am continuously able to learn with the Dean Model. It allows be to be observed by my dean weekly, we are then able to reflect and create personalized goals to ensure I am meeting my student’s needs. The deans work daily to support the children and myself. Every day when I walk into the building, I know I am part of a team that truly cares and wants the best for each child as well as staff members.


Carol Spilak

8th grade Language Arts Teacher at South Pointe Scholars Academy

I’m always changing and growing to meet the needs of my students. It means I have access to resources and professional development year round. Working for NHA has allowed me to obtain a masters degree at half the cost and have provided me with leadership opportunities that allow me to be the best educator I can possibly be. Working for NHA has been a fulfilling, inspiring and life changing experience for me.



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